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Top 5 TV series characters that inspire every MBA aspirant

Top 5 TV series characters that inspire every MBA aspirant

Reel Characters can sometimes be very inspiring, as there are instances where one can relate to them for their real life experiences. The determination and effort that some actors put in roles assigned to them make us wonder what if it had been a real life story, inspiring us every bit to fight for our dreams. Today, we will have a look at some of these reel actors who inspired us at some or other moment of our life.

Top 5 TV characters that inspires every MBA aspirant - Micheal Scofield

Wentworth Miller – Prison Break: This series tops me all time list of all, I have watched till date. As the title suggests, it is a story of breaking out of a prison. The main character Michael Scofield, played by Miller is splendid. The script and the portrayal do justice to one another. It will help you in extending your imagination to things you would not have given importance to or generally ignored. If you are serious about your dreams, take a leaf out of this reel series, it will help you go a very long way.

Top 5 TV characters that inspires every MBA aspirant - Harvey Specter

Gabriel Macht – Suits: 
Famously, known as “Harvey Specter”, this is classic corporate life show, giving us a taste of things we are to experience after pursuing our dream. Even, one episode of this famous series will give you goose bumps. The wit and sarcasm used by Macht, even in most tense of situations will amaze you. Everyone would have always advised you to remain calm in tensed situations, Macht, shows you nerves of steel in these very situations. One can question that all is scripted, but even then it is a mammoth task to portray something people may relate to even in their real life.


Top 5 TV characters that inspires every MBA aspirant - Frank Underwood

Kevin Spacey – House of Cards: Ever took stand for something wrong done to you or something where you worked and some other person took the credit? Spacey’s, portrayal of Frank Underwood, Congressman from a suburban town in the US and then the president of the United States, is classy. The confidence with which he portrays and skills he used to get things done is admirable. Surely, some of these will definitely help us in being persuasive towards our dream and goals.

Top 5 TV characters that inspires every MBA aspirant - Naruto

Naruto – Japanese Anime: Naruto (ナルト?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. The story is divided into two parts, the first set in Naruto’s preteen years, and the second in his teens. The series is based on two one-shot manga by Kishimoto. A lot of people do not watch these, but if you were to take my advice, go for this anime series as your first and you will be left wanting to watch some more. Though animated, still the character gives you some real life lessons which may leave you more committed to achieving your goals.

Top 5 TV characters that inspires every MBA aspirant - Jon Snow

Kit Harington – Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, All of you Thrones fans out there, this name will sound familiar to you. Harington doing the role of Jon Snow gives you a lesson which is necessary for one to succeed in life. Patience, endurance and waiting for one’s time, and working hard towards our goal even when it seems the course of time is not right. This is what, this character teaches us. One must learn to be calm and composed during their journey towards achieving their dream. Because “Nothing Comes Easy”.

Mention the characters you think, can be on this list in the comment section below!

– by Prateek Gupta

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