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Algebra which comes from an Arabic word means the reunion of broken parts and is the most fundamental branch of mathematics that connects different aspects like geometry, number theory and arithmetic. Developed by the Babylonians, algebra is study of the unknowns called as the variables by assigning them letters and finding their values by solving equations and other mathematical operations. Algebra is a vast subject whose basic form is called ‘elementary algebra’ and this form is essential in the understanding of diverse fields in mathematics, science and engineering.

                   We shall restrict ourselves to the topics pertaining to elementary algebra and more concisely stick to the CAT syllabus. The various lessons included under algebra are:

  1. Theory of Equations
  2. Linear Equations
  3. Quadratic Equations
  4. Logarithms
  5. Sequence and Series
  6. Functions
  7. Modulus Functions

Algebra is a section that comprises of at least 8-10 questions appearing in CAT and in other entrance exams, every year. So, getting a good grasp over this section is a must if one desires to score a high percentile in quantitative aptitude. With this in mind, we have prepared each lesson to give clarity about the concepts followed by ample number of problems to demonstrate their applications.

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