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Arithmetic is defined as the branch of mathematics that involves calculations and mathematical problems. But, when it comes to the syllabus pertaining to CAT or other MBA entrance exams, we deal with word problems that require various mathematical tools like percentages, ratios, averages etc along with an understanding of the different topics in the questions. So, this section can be broken down into the following sub topics:

  1. Percentages
  2. Profit and Loss
  3. Averages
  4. Mixtures and Alligations
  5. Time, Speed and Distance
  6. Time and Work
  7. Pipes and Cisterns
  8. Simple Interest
  9. Compound Interest

This is the easiest section when it comes to problem solving in quant. But understanding each lesson is important to be able to solve problems quickly and accurately. Each lesson clearly explains all the concepts and cases involved along the solved examples that will help the students to grasp the fundamentals and to apply them in solving problems using mathematical tools like percentages and ratios thereby enabling the students to score high in quantitative aptitude.

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