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Modern Math basically is a section comprised of three major topics. Permutations and Combinations, Probability and Set Theory. Permutations and Combinations is a major chapter dedicated to identifying the number of arrangements or selections. It encompasses a large set of formulas and properties that have their significance in varied fields of sciences. Probability is a branch that deals with calculating the likelihood of happening of an event and thus has its significance in economics, gaming, statistics, automobile reliability and much more. But probability is an extension of Permutations and Combinations and so understanding it is a prerequisite. But once, a student gets clear with the concepts, both these chapters will offer to be a scoring zone.

Set Theory is the study of sets which are collection of objects which is studied with the help of Venn Diagrams and are basically the relations between different sets. Set theory evolved gradually whose foundation was laid by Georg Cantor and  involve binary operation on sets.

These three chapters included in the Modern Math have many questions appearing in the competitive exams. For some, this section can be a nightmare haunting them in their dreams while for some it is the decisive section that gives them the edge over other candidates. The lessons on Modern math are so designed to give the students a conceptual understanding of the theories and formulas and help them gradually build confidence in this section. The illustrations will further enhance their knowledge and sharpen their problem solving skills on questions related to these topics.

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