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Number System or Number Theory is the study of the interplay of numbers that we find around us in our daily lives. It includes primarily the study of integers but at times include real numbers, rational numbers, prime numbers, natural and whole numbers as well. In its earliest form, number system was known by arithmetic but later arithmetic was confined only to calculations and thus number system evolved as a separate branch of mathematics with contributions from famous mathematicians like Fermat, Euler, Gauss etc that helped in the further development of this branch.

Number System is a mammoth section as such and anything under it could be asked in the examination. But based on the previous trends and the types of questions asked, we can divide the entire section into the following sub topics:

  1. Divisibility
  2. Factors
  3. H.C.F. and L.C.M.
  4. Units and Tens Digit
  5. Remainders
  6. Factorials
  7. Base System

There was a time when a large chunk of questions appeared from this section in CAT. With time, CAT has reduced the weight of this topic but nevertheless it still is considered a major section in other B- school exams and must be thoroughly studied. The lessons will give the students, insights on the various models that have appeared in the exams and the required approaches to tackle them.

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