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Trigonometry is a word derived from two words Trigonon meaning triangles and metron meaning measurement and so is a branch of mathematics that establishes relationships between the angles and the sides of the triangle. Trigonometry has fascinated the minds of many mathematicians for ages and has been instrumental in the study of astronomy, physics, biology, acoustics and other such diverse fields of study. Trigonometry primarily involves a planar right angled triangle and the ratios associated with the sides of such a triangle thereby establishing certain universal identities applicable in all the cases.

From the perspective of CAT or other MBA entrance exams, this section does not frequently ask direct questions but this fact does not diminish its importance. It is helpful in solving problems on geometry and also at times one or two questions can appear directly on this section. Trigonometry can be primarily divided into two major lessons:

  1. Trigonometric Ratios, Identities and Equations
  2. Heights and Distances

The first chapter lays the foundation of this topic and helps one to understand the basics of trigonometry important in solving problems while the second chapter is application based and deals with applying trigonometric ratios of certain standard angles in real life problems. Together both these lessons will be sufficient to master this section and give an extra edge to the students.

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