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Verbal sections on competitive examinations have, somewhat unfairly, always generated trepidation among the test takers. Verbal Ability has, in fact, very little to do with one’s command of the English language and much to do with logic. At kitabee we strive hard to debunk many of the myths surrounding one’s ability to score on the verbal language.

We don’t ask you to read reams of tomes to help prepare for the verbal section or focus unduly on the seldom effective stratagems such as “speed reading “and vocabulary building. Don’t get us wrong; we don’t deny either the importance of  vocabulary acquisition or the need to develop a reading habit. All we intend to demonstrate that neither of those things has much bearing on accurately solving Reading Comprehension or Sentence Correction questions . Even fill in the blanks (call them Text Completion if you want to sound posh) can be solved with a greater degree of accuracy if only one becomes aware of the structural dynamics involved.

Having successfully trained more than a thousand students for national and global competitive exams over the last nine years or so, we can vouch for the effectiveness of the strategies employed.

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