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Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation promises to be the most scoring of the three sections yet requires an altogether different skill set to ace it. Logical reasoning tests an individual on his/her logical and reasoning capabilities while Data interpretation requires one to have calculative and analytical finesse. The best part of this section is that, it requires no prior knowledge of concepts or theories but merely a knack to be spontaneously good at problem solving and having a mind suited for logical construction.  But having said so, it is practice and familiarity with different question models that helps sharpen one’s reasoning and analytical skills.

Logical Reasoning: This section such doesn’t have a fixed syllabus and anything under the sun can be asked in the examination. But previous trends can help us to categorize the entire LR curriculum into different chapters based on certain common parameters. The major topics covered under the umbrella of LR are:

  1. Arrangements
    1. Linear
    2. Circular
  2. Distribution
  3. Binary Logic
  4. Games and Tournaments
  5. Selections
  6. Blood relations
  7. Cubes
  8. Miscellaneous

Data Interpretation: When it comes to Data Interpretation, then there are various formats in which the data can be represented and based on that we have categorized the entire syllabus. The different forms of representation of data are:

  1. Tables
  2. Pie Charts
  3. Line Graphs
  4. Bar Graphs
  5. Caselets
  6. Mixed

But as Data Interpretation involves lengthy and tedious calculations, so knowledge of mathematical tools like percentages, ratios, averages etc is a prerequisite. Also, being quick with the calculations help one save time and gives an edge to the aspirant.

Kitabee ensures that students are exposed to various types of sets and questions that could be asked in the examinations through vigorous training and exhaustive learning. Daily practice problems, regular classes, question banks, workshops and revision sessions coupled with frequent tests help our students with time management and help them crack sets within a given time frame.

Topics for Logical Reasoning

Topics for Data Interpretation

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